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The conference 'Revolution in Food and Biomass Production' (REFAB) by the German nova Institute will for the first time bring together future-oriented experts from companies, start-ups and research institutions to have a look at the future of both food and biomass production from all angles.
Editorial office / Cologne

There are already several influential speakers from outstanding companies included in the programme, but there is room for more, so speakers are invited to present their latest products, technologies or developments to experts and specialists within the field.

Topics of the conference are:

  • Precision farming, robotics, drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Biostimulants – nitrogen fixation, mycorrhiza, biopesticides
  • Home farming, vertical farming and agriculture in space
  • Agriculture under extreme conditions and in combination with solar energy
  • Improved plant varieties for the future
  • Alternative protein sources – insects, bacteria, artificial meat and CO2 utilisation
  • Future of organic and smallholder farming
  • Mariculture or marine farming, algae and aquaculture
  • Biorefineries for food, chemicals, materials and fibres

The conference will be held on 1 – 2 October 2018 in Cologne (Germany). The call for papers is open until 30 April 2018. If interested, please upload a 1/3 of a page abstract of your presentation, using the link to the form below. Detailed information on the concept and the programme can be found on the conference website.