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Cloudsurfer sneaker made from CO2

Six nominees for the innovation award ‘Best CO2 Utilisation 2023’

The Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals announces six nominees for the innovation award 'Best CO2…

Editorial office / Cologne

traceless Materials

Six innovations nominated for ‘Renewable material of the year 2023’

Six new materials have been nominated from a total of 30 entries for the 'Renewable Materials…

Editorial office / Siegburg

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and showcase Tech4Biowaste

The Tech4Biowaste database will be showcased online by its developers on 30 March 2023. This is…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and coaching sessions Tech4Biowaste database

The Tech4Biowaste database is looking for innovators who want to showcase their technologies for bio-waste conversion.…

Editorial office / Brussels

Clean air with clouds

Six technologies nominated for ‘Best CO2 Utilisation’

CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) is a promising solution for rapidly reducing CO2 in the earth's…

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PHA pellets

Tenfold increase in PHA production capacity within six years

For years, the production of PHAs could not keep up with demand. This situation is slowly…

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