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Biowaste, organic waste

Presentation and coaching sessions Tech4Biowaste database

The Tech4Biowaste database is looking for innovators who want to showcase their technologies for bio-waste conversion.…

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Clean air with clouds

Six technologies nominated for ‘Best CO2 Utilisation’

CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) is a promising solution for rapidly reducing CO2 in the earth's…

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PHA pellets

Tenfold increase in PHA production capacity within six years

For years, the production of PHAs could not keep up with demand. This situation is slowly…

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Biobased chemistry - algae

8 Free webinars on the future of chemicals, (bio)polymers and chemical recycling

How will the world produce its chemicals and materials in the future if society no longer…

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Europe - Agriculture - Ireland

Biobased industries turnover in Europe jumps to € 780 billion

The bio-based industries in Europe continue to grow. In 2018, they achieved a total turnover of…

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Smoking chimney

Opportunities for major emission reductions in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is a major consumer of carbon and its demand will increase in the…

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