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The Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals announces six nominees for the innovation award 'Best CO2 Utilisation 2023.'
Editorial office / Cologne

This year’s selected nominees include a conversion technology for CO2-based amino acids and functional peptides to be used in food products, ultra-low carbon concrete, electrochemically-produced formic acid using cement-based-CO2, a CO22 adsorber material based on amines functionalised cellulosic fibre, a shoe made from carbon-emissions and a process-technology to convert CO2 into jet fuel range hydrocarbons.

The nominees are:

  • Arkeon – Arkeon (AT)
    The company’s process converts CO2 directly into amino acids and functional peptides, enabling an entirely new world of food products.
  • AURORA – The Sunrise by Electrochemically-produced Formic acid from Cement-based CO2Rohrdorfer (DE)
    Formic acid is electrochemically produced from cement-based CO2 by a single step process. The technology provides a cradle-to-gate process from flue gas to a high-value-added chemical. It entails the first CO2 capture plant in a cement company and a one-of-a-kind CO2 electrolyser unit, enabling the single step formation of formic acid, without the further need of purification or acidification.
  • CarbonBuilt: Ultra-low Carbon Concrete – CarbonBuilt (US)
    CarbonBuilt’s revolutionary carbon utilisation technology reduces the embodied carbon of concrete by 70–100%. The technology replaces cement with a proprietary mix of low-cost, low-carbon industrial waste materials. The used CO2 is captured from on-site waste biomass incineration or emerging Direct Air Capture (DAC) technologies to cure (harden) the mix into concrete, storing the CO2 permanently.
  • CellCO2 – DITF Denkendorf (DE)
    A CO2 adsorber material based on amines functionalised cellulosic fibre materials. The technology starts with the converting of cellulosic fibres into non-woven followed by chemical modification of the surface with amines.
  • CleanCloud – LanzaTech, On, Technip Energies and Borealis (several)
  • The first ever shoe made from carbon emissions, called Cloudprime. It is made from CleanCloud™ ethyl vinyl acetate foam that uses carbon emissions as a raw material.
  • OXCCU – OXCCU Tech (UK)
    OXCCU is a one-step process that converts CO2 directly into jet fuel range hydrocarbons (and/or alpha olefins for chemicals) by using a novel iron catalyst.

An expert jury and the conference Advisory Board selected these promising nominees among 20 interesting submissions received. Those will have the chance to present their CO2 innovation to a broad international expert audience at this year’s Conference on CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals, 19-20 April 2023 in Cologne. The event celebrates innovative products and technologies in the field of CCU and provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art of CCU and Power-to-X technologies and applications.

See the agenda for details.

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