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Cellulose Fibre

Nominees for Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year presented

For the first time ever, the innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year” will be…

Editorial office / Hürth

Father and son planting tree

Stora Enso wins BDC Forest Products Innovation Award

Stora Enso was honoured with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC)’s 2020 Forest Products Innovation Award for the…

Editorial office / Helsinki

Better Nature

Prize winner Better Nature grows 4,500% in one year

"I wasn't aware it was a competition." Christopher Kong of the UK based start-up Better Nature…

Editorial office / Brussels

Registration for Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award is open

Registration for Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award is open

The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award will be presented for the third time on January 20, 2021.…

Editorial office / Sittard-Geleen

Ready meal trays

Ready meal trays from BBI JU funded FRESH project Biobased Material of the Year

With a wood fiber-based packaging for ready meals, the Finnish-British company Huhtamaki Lurgan has won the…

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Aeroplane crop dusting a field

Six nominations for Bio-based Material of the Year 2020

Six new materials and products out of 17 applications have been nominated for the innovation award…

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