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Auping has won VT Wonen&Design's Sustainable Living Award in the 'Best Sustainable Product' category with its 100% circular mattress Elysium.
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Auping Elysium is a 100% circular and exceptionally well ventilating mattress. The parts are stitched together with Niaga®, a joining technique that also allows detachment of materials. This consumer product is one of the first in the Netherlands to come with a product passport. This allows you to see exactly what the mattress is made of, where the raw materials come from and how the mattress is recycled. Honest and transparent. Moreover, Auping produces locally in Deventer, where there is also room for social labour.

Another decisive factor for the expert jury was that Auping shares the technology for producing circular mattresses with other manufacturers at home and abroad. Within the Netherlands, the company is working on setting up a complete circular chain.

In the Best Sustainable Brand category, Bedaffair was the winner. Forbo Marmoleum received the Audience Award and will receive Darling Product 2022. The awards were presented during the VT Wonen&Design fair. All entries were judged on design, raw materials, materials and semi-finished products, production process, working conditions, life extension and packaging and transport.

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