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AlgaEnergy from Spain has been awarded the European Business Awards for the Environment 2015/2016 – Section Spain, by the Biodiversity Foundation under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
Editorial office / Spain

The biannual awards have been presented since 1987 by the European Commission in order to recognize and reward those companies that successfully combine the economic viability of their businesses with the environmental protection, by introducing eco-innovations in their management, processes and products or services. With this granted award, AlgaEnergy directly participates in the European Final competition of the European Business Awards for the Environment, to be held in Tallinn, Estonia on October the 27th, 2016.

Algaenergy develops and commercializes high-quality nutritional, cosmetic and energy products derived from microalgae. ‘No human endeavour can be more exciting than one which can simultaneously address the three major crisis mankind is currently facing: food security, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability’, said Augusto Rodríguez-Villa, President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘Our mission is to try to alleviate these by applying the phenomenon of photosynthesis. Since photosynthesis, driven by light energy, transforms inorganic compounds into organic matter, our task is to obtain from this biomass, products of interest to a wide range of socio-economic sectors, ultimately new biofuels which will be able to improve our daily lives.’

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