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Algae and weeds: crops of the future

A microbial kitchen garden in every home? Want to start the day with a fresh shake…

Pierre Gielen

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The sustainable character of the biobased economy tends not to receive enough attention. Biomass is always…

Lucien Joppen

Gelderland: first zero waste province in the Netherlands

Gelderland: first zero waste province in the Netherlands

Gelderland has set the standards high. It aims to be the first zero waste province in…

Lucien Joppen

Biokerosene the only option for now

Biokerosene the only option for now

Just like every beginning market, biokerosene has to contend with ‘the establishment’. Higher prices, technologies under…

Lucien Joppen

SCOPE report on bio-energy

SCOPE report on bio-energy

Energy based on biomass can stimulate the local economies of developing countries in a more sustainable…

Lucien Joppen


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Eni and RINA aim to decarbonise shipping faster

RINA, an international company specialising in inspection, certification and engineering consultancy, and Eni have signed an…

Editorial office / Italy

Waste processing

Obbotec builds hydropyrolysis demo plant in Rotterdam

Despite the drive for circularity, many waste streams are still being landfilled and incinerated because there…

Editorial office / Rotterdam


100% Sustainable jet fuel solution to aviation emissions

Neste and Airbus will jointly promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel ('SAF') within the aviation…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Maersk containership

Maersk expands green bio-methanol production in China

Maersk is significantly increasing its global green methanol production capacity with a partnership with Chinese bioenergy…

Editorial office / Copenhagen

New Zealand forest

‘More local wood processing and more biofuel needed’

The New Zealand government presented a draft roadmap this week for transforming the country's forestry sector.…

Editorial office / Christchurch

Neste may build next biorefinery in Rotterdam

New Neste biofuel factory definitely located in Rotterdam

Neste, the Finnish manufacturer of renewable fuels, has made a final investment decision to build a…

Editorial office / Rotterdam