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RINA, an international company specialising in inspection, certification and engineering consultancy, and Eni have signed an agreement to jointly develop initiatives that can contribute to the energy transition and decarbonisation of their respective operations and, in particular, maritime transport, where RINA and Eni can benefit from each other's expertise.
Editorial office / Italy

In particular, the agreement focuses on the use in the marine sector of biofuel HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) produced by Eni at its biorefineries in Venice and Gela, and of other energy carriers such as “blue” or “green” hydrogen and ammonia from biogenic, renewable or waste raw materials that do not compete with the food chain. Moreover, the partnership includes the development of initiatives for the logistics and value chain of new energy carriers and the adoption of certified methods for calculating the emission benefits that yield.

Eni and RINA will also consider conducting experiments and pilot projects related to on-board CO2 emissions capture to further contribute to the pursuit of the marine sector’s sustainability goals.

Image: Juandre Wilmot/Shutterstock