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Should biofuels be phased out? This debate plays out repeatedly in Germany. According to agriculture and biofuel producers, biodiesel, bioethanol and biomethane can reduce Western dependence on import fuels from undemocratic countries and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Editorial office / Berlin

A majority of the German population supports this premise and favours increased biofuel blending with fossil fuels. This is shown in a survey commissioned by the UFOP (Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants). In July, the association released a new brochure explaining the facts about biofuel. It was prompted by suggestions from the German Federal Environment and Agriculture Ministries that biofuels might be abandoned.

According to the industry, that is a bad thing. However, there should be more effective checks on sustainability requirements for biofuels in other producing countries (such as China), higher blends of sustainable biofuels are welcome, a CO2-based energy tax should be introduced, and tolls on transport options using pure renewable fuels should be reduced.

The UFOP brochure also provides insight into the increasingly complex legal requirements and is intended for the interested public as well as politicians and associations. It can be downloaded from the UFOP website.

Image: Scharfsinn/Shutterstock