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The Dutch companies Vepa (office furniture) and Plantics (green chemistry) won the new innovation award "Renewable Material of the Year Award 2021" with their sustainable bucket seat made of hemp fibre and bio-resin.
Editorial office / Hoogeveen

Plantics and Vepa have worked together intensively for two years to make a high-quality seat from the biomaterial. The collection is produced entirely in the Netherlands and currently consists of chairs and bar stools. The production process absorbs more CO2 than it emits. In addition, the chairs are designed in such a way that the different parts are easy to separate and materials can be reused endlessly.

The unique bio-based resin was developed by Plantics and patented worldwide for many different applications. In 2018, Plantics also won the Natural Fibertastic Award with this.

Second and third in the competition were Carbios from France with virgin quality PET from the enzymatic recycling of textiles, and LanzaTech from the US/Switzerland with ‘CarbonSmart’ household cleaning products based on bioethanol made from CO2 emissions from the steel industry. There were 36 entries in total.

Image: Vepa