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The transition to a greener society will create new jobs, but it will also place new demands on the workforce of the future. It has a major impact on education and graduation requirements.
Editorial office / Breda

What will the employee of the future look like? “This can only be determined in a constant dialogue between business, education and government,” says Ralph Simons, director of the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy and member of the Acceleration Team of Circular Biobased Delta. He is in charge of the so-called Human Capital Agenda: a vision of the labour market in the years to come, on which educational institutions can align their curricula.

“We try to educate inquisitive, entrepreneurial and well-trained professionals”, says Simons. “People who can think analytically, are critical and creative, can cooperate and are able to solve problems from the field.”

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Image: Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy