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In the coming years, research from the Dutch Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) will also take place at the Delta Agrifood Business (DAB) location in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

At DAB, various companies, start-ups and educational institutions are doing research into sustainable solutions in the area of energy, the protein transition, and renewable materials. “It is a great place to meet companies and other educational institutions and to seek cooperation,” says Ralph Simons, director of CoE BBE.

The DAB facilities fit in nicely with the activities of CoE BBE’s research groups Biobased Building Blocks & Products and Biobased Building. For example, research will be done into chemical modifications for the improvement of various mycelial materials, such as vegetable leather.

With the new site at DAB, CoE BBE will have a second location in Bergen op Zoom, next to the Green Chemistry Campus where students do their internships at the Colours Application Centre and the Flemish research institute VITO, which is working on the development of bio-aromatics based on lignin.