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At Avans University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), Jappe de Best was officially installed as Professor of Biobased Resources & Energy. On that occasion, he gave his lecture titled "Don't WASTE the future: residual streams as a source for raw materials and energy".
Editorial office / Breda

In his lecture, the new professor addressed the difficult situation in which society finds itself and in which the lectorate does its research. That research must not only generate new knowledge, but also analyse the impact of new applications in the product life cycle and thus the right choices to make. ” Only in cooperation with other research groups inside and outside Avans, but certainly also with students and the work field in the region, can we make the necessary impact,” said De Best.

During the ceremony, he was given an appropriate lectoral chain made by students and consisting entirely of the biobased plastics PLA and PHA.

For the occasion, a magazine was made about the activities of the research group Biobased Resources & Energy. It can be read online via the link below.

Image: CoE BBE