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Biorizon is working on a business plan for a Bio-aromatics Application Centre, with a subsidy from the West Brabant Region Research & Development Fund.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Shared Research Centre Biorizon is an initiative of TNO and VITO and has been developing technologies for the production of bio-aromatics from biomass residual flows at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom since 2013.

Together with the industry, Biorizon will enable the commercial production of bio-aromatics from 2025. They are essential for the realization of a circular bio-economy and the reduction of the CO2 footprint, because they can replace petrochemical aromatics in products such as paint, glue and lubricants.

Expanding knowledge and facilities

In order to accelerate the market introduction of bio-aromatics, Biorizon’s partners are now investigating how an Application Centre can best meet the needs of the industry and how Biorizon can optimally open up and expand the existing knowledge, experience and equipment in the field of bio-aromatics. In the coming months, Biorizon will develop a business plan with input from companies, governments, knowledge and educational institutions and partners from the ecosystem.

The basis for success is intensive cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, experience and facilities, as well as investments and risks. Companies will be enabled to develop new, sustainable products with unique properties that distinguish them from competitors.

Companies, educational institutions and governments are cordially invited to participate in the market survey for the Biorizon Application Centre and to discuss options for cooperation.

Image: TNO