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For companies that would like to introduce lignin-derived chemicals into their biobased products, Biorizon launches its Biorizon Lignin Application Center. The aim: to develop valorization routes for lignin and to create materials such as resins and composites that outperform their fossil-based counterparts.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

The Biorizon Lignin Application Center is an initiative of Shared Research Center Biorizon co-initiator VITO. Just like Biorizon, the Center is located at the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom, while some lignin related activities are being executed at VITO in Mol (Flanders).

Biobased, outperforming petrochemicals

By building on the natural features of the lignin-derived bio-aromatics, Biorizon aims to design products that aren’t possible to manufacture from petrochemical resources. These bio-products will actually outperform their fossil-based counterparts in attributes like toughness, light weightless, flame retardancy and anti-microbial resistance.

Furthermore we aim to find biobased alternatives for toxic aromatic compounds. In short: we want to contribute to a more sustainable world, because products containing lignin-derived aromatics will have a lower carbon footprint and less environmental impact.

Source aromatic compounds

Lignin can come from different sources and different pretreatment processes. The Biorizon Lignin Application Center will source aromatic compounds from underutilized lignin by-products from, amongst other sources, the pulp and paper industry. Additionally, wood will be utilized as feedstock when a lignin-first type of process is used.

The center offers:

• Analytics and characterization throughout the value chain (lignin, fractions, modified lignins and polymers);
• Purification of lignin derived streams;
• Fractionation of mixtures of bio-aromatics issued from the conversion of lignin/wood (‘lignin oils’);
• Modification/functionalization of lignin derived streams/fractions;
• Polymerization of lignin derived streams/fractions;
• Application testing of lignin derived molecules/polymers;
• Lab and pilot infrastructure.

SME vouchers available

REWIN, the Dutch Bio Innovation Agent of the BioBase4SME project offers SMEs 4000 euro vouchers to innovate together with sourced Application Centers, among which the Biorizon Lignin Application Center.