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The province of Groningen is giving the sustainability of industry, the business climate and employment a significant boost with the new subsidy scheme Investing in a Future-proof Industry (SITI).
Editorial office / Groningen

The scheme is intended for industrial companies from Groningen that want to invest in green raw materials, green hydrogen, circular economy and the electrification of business processes. These investments should significantly reduce CO2 emissions from the (chemical) industry.

Sustainable companies that want to establish themselves in the province can also use the subsidy, with the exception of energy producers. In 2021, an amount of 10 million euros will be available from the National Program Groningen.

The Invest in Future-proof Industry subsidy can be applied for from 15 March via the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN).

On February 16 and March 2, the province and the SNN are organizing a webinar to support entrepreneurs and subsidy advisers with the application. See the SNN website for more information.

Picture: SNN