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The Verborg Group is to build a biorefinery at Contitank's site in Farmsum in the Northern Netherlands, Chemport Europe region. The plant should be operational early next year and will produce at least 200,000 tonnes of pure vegetable oil and fats annually.
Editorial office / Farmsum

The construction site formerly housed the Nedalco (bio-ethanol) plant. The new plant will use the existing facilities, as well as Nedalco’s original environmental permit, which is still valid. Contitank, as a storage and logistics company for biological oils and fats, will handle the logistics of the biorefinery.

The biorefinery is expected to create 24 new jobs. The total investment is €35 million, of which about one-third is eligible for subsidy. Through the SNN, the Province of Groningen is already contributing an initial € 2.4 million from the Grant Scheme Investing in Future-proof Industry Groningen. With this, the province wants to stimulate the application of biobased raw materials in industry. Provincial Executive member IJzebrand Rijzebol expects that the new refinery will also attract other companies, including foreign ones: “It will give another boost to the green chemical industry in Groningen.”

Image: Contitank