Fieldlab Industrial Electrification

Demo location Fieldlab Industrial Electrification at Plant One Rotterdam

The Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE) is opening a demo location at Plant One Rotterdam in The…

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Electricity grid workers

Electricity grid in the Northern Netherlands to reach limits soon

The process of making industry in the Northern Netherlands more sustainable through electrification will soon create…

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Hydrogen storage tanks

VDL and partners develop affordable electrolyser

Together with regional partners, the industrial company VDL is developing an electrolysis device that should make…

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Groningen: € 10 million for a more sustainable industry

Groningen: € 10 million for a more sustainable industry

The province of Groningen is giving the sustainability of industry, the business climate and employment a…

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Frans Timmermans

Industry lobby fingerprints all over the European Green Deal

The fingerprints of industry, and in particular the fossil fuel industry, can be seen all over…

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