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Almost 90 percent of industrial companies will increase their spending on energy efficiency in the next five years. More than half (52 percent) plan to reach Net Zero within the same period. This was one of rhe conclusions of a global survey conducted by technology company ABB in February this year.
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Almost all of the companies surveyed (97 percent) are already investing or planning to invest in making their energy consumption more efficient, and 40 percent are planning to do so this year. It is possible that the sharp increase in energy prices due to the war in Ukraine will push this percentage up even further.

However, there are also some concerns. Cost is cited by 50 percent of respondents as the biggest obstacle to improving energy efficiency. This is especially true for companies that have not done so up to now and were not planning to do so at the time of the survey.

A total of 2294 companies participated in the survey, of which more than half were active in the manufacturing industry. The report can be downloaded from the ABB website.

Image: rawf8/Shutterstock