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European biotechnology organisation EuropaBio is launching a new cross-sector Biomanufacturing Platform.
Editorial office / Brussels

Biomanufacturing includes products and processes based on biotechnology. This cutting-edge technology is driving major industry changes worldwide, including in sectors such as food, therapeutics, chemical intermediates, energy and materials. It produces innovative products that are impossible or difficult to achieve with traditional manufacturing. It can also make the use of resources such as water and energy significantly more efficient, reducing the demand for fossil fuels, fossil chemicals and the use of unsustainable, circular materials.

“With Europe undergoing the most significant societal and industrial transition since the industrial revolution, biomanufacturing is an essential part of this,” states Claire Skentelbery, managing director of EuropaBio “The recent US White House Executive Order sends a global message that biomanufacturing is critical for a resilient and secure economy and that coordinated policies are the basis for successful outcomes.”

EuropaBio represents corporate and associate members across sectors, plus national and regional biotechnology associations which, in turn, represent over 2600 biotech companies, 2300 out of them are SMEs.

The new Platform on Biofabrication is organising its first policy summit on 15 March 2023 in Brussels. Visit EuropaBio’s website for more information.

Image: PopTika/Shutterstock