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EuropaBio launches Biomanufacturing Platform

European biotechnology organisation EuropaBio is launching a new cross-sector Biomanufacturing Platform.

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‘Soil health essential part of circular bioeconomy’

Soils store carbon, water and nutrients for plants. They play an important role in the challenges…

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‘Translate innovative strength into large-scale production’

Europe is at the forefront of industrial biotechnology innovation. The EU must take urgent action to…

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Measuring the Economic Footprint of the Biotechnology Industry in Europe

Biotechnology ‘one of the fastest growing innovative industries in Europe’

European GDP benefitted by €38.5 bn in 2018. Including spill-over effects, that number rises to €78.7bn,…

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Biotechnology essential for sustainable European agriculture

Biotechnology indispensable for sustainable food system

Biotechnology will be indispensable to preserve biodiversity and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable food…

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EuropaBio extends deadline for BioTech SME Awards

Not all innovative businesses begin in a garage. They are often biotech SMEs, starting small but…

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