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Not all innovative businesses begin in a garage. They are often biotech SMEs, starting small but thinking big, and EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, wishes to recognize and reward the most innovative among them. The deadline for the Biotech SME Awards 2018 has been extended to october, 21.
Editorial office / Brussels

Over the years highly innovative small and medium sized enterprises in Europe have developed novel ways of meeting our societal, technical, and environmental problems through the application of biotechnology. EuropaBio invites biotech start-ups and small and medium sized biotech companies (SMEs) across Europe to apply for the ninth edition of the Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award; a unique annual initiative recognizing biotech innovation and its contribution to society in Europe.

These awards have become one of the highlights in the European biotech calendar, with over 200 SMEs competing over the years. Their success stories can be read online.

The Jury

The experts who are part of the jury are involved in biotech and understand the science, the funding realities and the regulatory and political frameworks in which European biotech SMEs operate. They appreciate the contribution that innovative SMEs will make to Europe’s future, and together, they will carefully analyse each application to select the final nominees.

  • Dr. Peter Heinrich: Chairman of German national biotech association BIO Deutschland and Managing Director of Sinfonie Life Science Management GmbH, Planegg;
  • MEP Dr. Paul Ruebig: Austrian Member of the European Parliament (EP) since 1996 (EPP Group), Full Member of the EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee on Budgets, President of SME Global, Co-Chairman of the EPP medium-sized businesses in the Steering Committee on the WTO;
  • Prof. Andrew Porter: Professor of Medical Biotechnology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland and Director of the Scottish Biologics Facility;
  • Dr. Ekaterina Smirnyagina: Partner of the Capricorn Health-Tech Venture Fund.
  • Joanna Dupont-Inglis: The Secretary General of EuropaBio, the European Association of Bioindustries.

Criteria for entry

In order to be considered for the EuropaBio SME awards a company must qualify as an SME under the standard EU SME definition (e.g. primary location of operations within Europe, 250 or less employees, €50 Million or less annual turnover).

There are 3 categories: healthcare, agricultural and industrial biotech. Biotech start-ups will compete across all sectors in one special category recognising early stage entrepreneurship. The diversity of European biotechnology warrants nothing less.

Each winner will get a cash prize plus two years free membership of EuropaBio (runners-up also receive this free membership). Both winners and runners-up also receive exposure in the EuropaBio network and the European biotech industry, as well as in front of top-level policy makers and industry leaders.