Luchtfoto Chemie Park Delfzijl

Innovation through cooperation

"Sometimes I feel like a boy with a chemistry box here," says Johan Visser, site director…

Pierre Gielen

Corn cobs and labware

‘Great opportunity to get started as a start-up’

The 2020 BioVoice Challenges event is over. On 2 October the companies with which the Challengers…

Pierre Gielen

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts 1

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts

Thirteen new contracts and a total of almost € 125,000 in innovation vouchers for researching, developing…

Pierre Gielen

BioMCN will produce renewable methanol with green hydrogen

Space for innovations in green chemistry

The north of the Netherlands is the perfect place for working on green chemistry, thanks to…

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Vertoro at Brightlands Chemelot: Scaling up lignin crude

Vertoro at Brightlands Chemelot: Scaling up lignin crude

Michael Boot already went to the Chamber of Commerce before the summer vacation. With his company…

Lucien Joppen


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Rowing upstream

Upstream Festival Rotterdam for students and scale-ups

Upstream is a multi-day festival in Rotterdam, where scale-up founders, investors, students, policy makers and corporates…

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Giving the European bio-economy a boost at the Pitch Perfect event

Effective cross-border cooperation in the biobased economy is only possible if partners are knowledgeable and enthusiastic…

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Green investments

SHIFT Invest sees impact of green investments growing in 2020

The portfolio of the Dutch green venture capitalist SHIFT Invest has had a growing impact on…

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Johan Visser Chemical Park Delfzijl

Green start-ups have the edge in Delfzijl

"Green chemistry fits into the grey chain here", says Johan Visser, director of Chemical Park Delfzijl,…

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iLab helps green chemistry start-ups move forward

iLab helps green chemistry start-ups move forward

Innovative start-ups in the biocircular economy are currently in the spotlight. They receive plenty of media…

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Chemelot InSciTe’s success is just a foretaste

Chemelot InSciTe helps startups scale up

Chemelot InSciTe is much more than a pilot plant. "“Each project is assigned two project leaders:…

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