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Start-ups with patents and trademarks are more than 10 times more successful in obtaining funding, according to research by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
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The biotechnology sector has the highest percentage of start-ups holding IP rights (56.7%) in the Netherlands. This includes the more than 20% (21.9%) of Dutch biotech start-ups that bundle trademarks and patents. This follows the European trend, in which biotechnology is by far the most IP-intensive sector, with almost half of European start-ups using patents or registered trademarks.

After biotechnology, there are start-ups from the science and engineering sector (37%), followed by energy (33%), while healthcare ranks fourth (31.9%) in terms of start-ups using IP rights.

The new EPO-EUIPO study shows that 95% of Dutch start-ups in the late stage of funding that own patents use European patents instead of national ones. This also helps in obtaining early-stage funding; in this, companies with European IP rights are more than five times more successful than those with national IP rights (6.1 times more likely for trademarks and 5.3 for patents).

The Netherlands ranks fourth on the list of best European countries for start-ups, according to Invest in Holland. Despite this trend, only 14% of Dutch start-ups have applied for IP rights, well below the European average (29%). Finland and France, with 42% each, have the highest percentage of start-ups with applied IP rights. On average, start-ups in Germany (40%), Austria (40%), Italy (39%), Norway (37%), Sweden (34%), Denmark (34%), Switzerland (32%) and the Czech Republic (31%) apply for more IP rights.

Deep Tech Finder

The EPO launched the Deep Tech Finder this month: a digital tool that allows potential investors to find and assess start-ups with pioneering and promising new technologies. These so-called ‘deep-tech start-ups’ face particular challenges in developing breakthrough technologies, as this involves large investments and long lead times. Such start-ups can especially benefit from patents and trademarks to attract ‘patient'”‘ investors.

For more information, visit the EPO website.

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