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Effective cross-border cooperation within the chains in the biobased economy is only possible if partners are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about each other's ideas, services and products. To make this possible, BioBase4SME and SuperBIO are organizing the international event Pitch Perfect and boost the European Bio-economy in Brussels, early November.
Editorial office / Brussels

On this day, there will be room for no less than fifty pitches on all conceivable topics related to biobased chemistry, biobased materials, food & feed, ingredients, bio-energy and services in the field of innovation. In addition, there is ample opportunity for intensive matchmaking and networking, with the aim of entering into new cross-border and cross-sectoral partnerships. There will also be an small exhibition / trade fair with up to twenty stands, reserved for larger companies, finance consultants, SME helpdesks and other organizations related to innovation.

In this way, investors, companies, SMEs, start-ups (or those aspiring to become start-ups), established companies and organizations are all brought together to give the European bioeconomy a boost. The event is subsidized by Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland and is supported by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Flanders Biobased Valley, NNFCC Bioeconomy Consultants and BCNP Consultants. More information about the event can be found in the agenda.