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Lucien Joppen

Back to coal

15 / 12 / 2016

Over the last few weeks, social media, websites and newspapers have been full of the presidential…


Hands holding biomass

‘Central authority for the use of biofeedstock’

Sixteen organisations operating in the Dutch bioeconomy have signed a joint letter to the prime minister…

Pierre Gielen

SCOPE report on bio-energy

SCOPE report on bio-energy

Energy based on biomass can stimulate the local economies of developing countries in a more sustainable…

Lucien Joppen

Agrofood sector extremely active

Agrofood sector extremely active

Biobased Delta was established in 2011 under the name Agro meets chemistry. Now, four years later,…

Lucien Joppen


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Giving the European bio-economy a boost at the Pitch Perfect event

Effective cross-border cooperation in the biobased economy is only possible if partners are knowledgeable and enthusiastic…

Editorial office / Brussels

Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä builds new € 1.6 billion bioproduct mill in Finland

Metsä Fibre, a leading producer of bioproducts, biochemicals and bioenergy has decided to invest EUR 1.6…

Editorial office / Kemi

Sustainable forestry in Estland

“No one in Estonia cuts their forest for bioenergy”

"As a Dutchman who has lived in Estonia for 27 years, I cannot reconcile the alarming…

Editorial office / Tallinn

Biomass: permanent part of the Dutch energy mix in 2050? 3

Dutch political parties on bio-energy

With the parliamentary elections approaching in the Netherlands (17 March), the discussion about the use of…

Editorial office / The Hague

Broken windmill

Renewable energy capacity growth stalled in 2018

After nearly two decades of strong annual growth, the growth of renewables around the world flattened…

Editorial office / Paris

Biomass domes at Drax Power Station, Selby, UK

Drax starts Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage

The British energy company Drax is starting Europe's first Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) pilot…

Editorial office / Selby


Bio360 Expo

Exponantes Park, Nantes

Lignofuels 2021

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