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Bioenergy technologies are crucial for achieving the European Union's net zero targets for 2050, say large companies united in the industry association Bioenergy Europe in an open letter to the European Commission. The manifesto has already been signed more than 300 times, including by CEOs of companies such as Lhoist, ONF Energie, Palazzetti, Syncraft, Turboden, Valmet and Winhager.
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The signatories believe bioenergy technology should be included in the Commission’s Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA): “This will send a strong policy message for further investment. It will also ensure that Europe maintains its technological leadership in modern bioenergy solutions and expands the highly skilled workforce already active in the sector.”

The recent preliminary compromise on the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED III), confirming that the EU will classify bioenergy as 100% renewable, was welcomed in the letter. EU institutions are further called upon to ensure that the supply of both domestic and imported biomass is not arbitrarily restricted beyond existing sustainability requirements, in line with RED III.

Bioenergy Europe calls on all stakeholders who have not yet done so to sign the open letter.

Image: tchara/Shutterstock