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Electricity grid workers

Electricity grid in the Northern Netherlands to reach limits soon

The process of making industry in the Northern Netherlands more sustainable through electrification will soon create…

Editorial office / Groningen

Oil company

ABP stops investing in oil, gas and coal

ABP, the largest pension fund in the Netherlands, will stop investing in producers of fossil fuels…

Editorial office / Heerlen


Neste opens new R&D centre in Singapore

Neste, the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel and sustainable jet fuel, is accelerating the implementation…

Editorial office / Singapore

Electric Vehicle

European Commission puts one-sided emphasis on electric mobility

The European Commission places too one-sided an emphasis on electric transport at the expense of renewable…

Editorial office / Hamburg

The monumental oak of Stelmule Lithuania

Lithuania sets records with rapid energy transition

Lithuania's ancient and vast forests are the scene of one of Europe's fastest and most extensive…

Editorial office / Vilnius

Port of Den Helder

From fossil home port to lifeline for the energy transition

Port of Den Helder supports shipping in the North Sea that is active in offshore energy…

Editorial office / Den Helder


CES 2019

Intercontinental Paris - Avenue Marceau, Paris