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Woody biomass remains recognised as a renewable energy source in the EU in the European REDIII Renewable Energy Directive. Enviva announces this on the basis of reliable sources. This US company is the world's largest producer of wood pellets for bioenergy.
Editorial office / Brussels

According to Enviva, REDIII will place no restrictions on ‘primary woody biomass’, which will be considered 100 per cent renewable. It means this biomass will receive zero tariff in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), provided it meets sustainability criteria.

Enviva expects the agreement to include guarantees that the already granted subsidies to bioenergy plants under REDIII will remain in place. These are for biomass-fired power plants that capture and store CO2 (BECCS). Financial support is also likely to remain available for other end uses of woody biomass.

The final publication of the REDIII agreement is expected within weeks. It must then be ratified by the European Council and the European Parliament.

Image: tchara/Shutterstock