Clear-cut field in the forest

Deforestation due to demand for wood?

Will Europe's forests be destroyed by the growing interest in timber construction? No, says Paul van…

Editorial office / Almere

Stora Enso recycleable woodfoam

Stora Enso makes bio-based packaging foam from wood

Stora Enso is extending its packaging offering with a new portfolio of bio-based foams from wood.…

Editorial office / Sweden

Green Deal Timber Building

Transition to timber building unstoppable

Contractor BAM is going to build a factory for wooden houses in The Netherlands. From 2025…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Woodpellet plant of Graanul in Ebavere, Estonia

Estonian woodpellet producer switches to biochemistry feedstock

Europe's largest producer of wood pellets, Granuul Invest from Estonia, wants to make products with a…

Editorial office / Tallinn

Setra Group's Kastet sawmill in Gävle, Sweden

BTG-BTL makes Swedish cars run on sawdust

Thanks to a Dutch invention, cars in Sweden will soon be powered by a fuel made…

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