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‘Energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests’

Europe's energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests, warns the World Wildlife Fund…

Editorial office / Gland

Forest in Finland birdseye view

Will firewood from European forests help us through the winter?

Europe has an enormous amount of wood in its forests: 6 billion m3 at present. This…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Gras, leaves

NextChem studies production of biomethane from pyro-gasified wood

Italian renewable chemistry company NextChem is to carry out a design study on behalf of Storengy…

Editorial office / Italy

BEE Bio Energy Base Ghent

Ghent coal terminal becomes carbon negative business cluster

On the site of a former coal terminal in the port of Ghent (Belgium), energy company…

Editorial office / Ghent

Clear-cut field in the forest

Deforestation due to demand for wood?

Will Europe's forests be destroyed by the growing interest in timber construction? No, says Paul van…

Editorial office / Almere

Stora Enso recycleable woodfoam

Stora Enso makes bio-based packaging foam from wood

Stora Enso is extending its packaging offering with a new portfolio of bio-based foams from wood.…

Editorial office / Sweden