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Avantium (The Netherlands) and Origin Materials (US) want to accelerate the mass production of FDCA and PEF for use in advanced chemicals and plastics. The two companies announced this on Tuesday (21 February).
Editorial office / Amsterdam

The partnership aims to bring together both companies’ technology platforms to produce FDCA on an industrial scale from sustainable wood residues. Avantium’s patented YXY® Technology converts plant sugars into FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid, a building block for the biopolymer PEF, polyethylene furanoate). Origin’s patented technology converts carbon from sustainable wood residues into useful building block chemicals, such as CMF (chloromethylfurfural). Combining the two complementary technologies creates a pathway that can convert sustainable wood residues into FDCA via CMF.

Avantium is currently building the world’s first commercial-scale FDCA Flagship Plant in Delfzijl, The Netherlands and earlier signed off-take agreements to supply FDCA and PEF to major brand names and market leaders for various applications, including Carlsberg, LVMH and AmBev. Origin Materials is currently completing its first commercial plant in Canada and has signed numerous capacity reservation and off-take agreements with well-known brand owners. The collaboration should lead to the construction of a 100 kt/annum plant to convert CMF derivatives into FDCA. It also commits Avantium to sell FDCA and PEF to Origin, in 2023 from the FDCA pilot plant in Geleen (Netherlands) and from 2024 from the FDCA Flagship Plant in Delfzijl (Netherlands).

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Image: Origin Materials/Vimeo