PeelPioneers triples production

PeelPioneers triples production

Start-up PeelPioneers is going to build a new factory in Den Bosch for the processing and…

Pierre Gielen

Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

Research identifies promising chemicals for the Northern Netherlands

The availability of numerous basic chemicals at Chemical Park Delfzijl, combined with the region’s agricultural residual…

Pierre Gielen


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Pilotplant Uni Hohenheim

Plastics from farmland

Researchers from the University of Hohenheim in Germany have developed a process to convert agricultural residues…

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Filling [;astic bottles with orange juice

VTT makes PEF from citrus peel

“In the near future, you can buy orange juice in bottles made from orange peel,” says…

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Cargill builds $ 150 million biodiesel plant in Ghent

Cargill will build a new waste and residue-based biodiesel plant in Ghent, in addition to the…

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Food waste

Model2Bio supports reuse of food industry waste streams

About 50% of the global waste is organic. At the European level, a solution is now…

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Neste takes over Count Terminal Rotterdam

At the beginning of May, biofuel producer Neste took over Count Terminal Rotterdam to strengthen its…

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Doctor using handgel

Urgent appeal: create biobased cleaning agents from plant-based waste streams

The Green Chemistry Campus and Horizon 11 make an urgent appeal to entrepreneurs for the development…

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