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The Netherlands remains at the 9th place based on an international comparison of investments in renewable energy and deployment opportunities.
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Since 2003, Ernst&Young assesses market attractiveness and global market trends in the biannual Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), ranking the top 40 countries in this field. The 2020 edition reflects on the glimpse of what the energy industry might look like in the future based on COVID-19 lockdown measures, when large reductions in energy demand resulted in the share of renewables soaring across most regions.

The US and mainland China remain at #1 and #2 respectively, while Australia has reached its highest position so far at #3. The only European countries in the Top-10 are the UK (a rise from #6 to #5), Germany (a drop from #5 to #6), The Netherlands (remains at #9) and Spain (risen from #11 to #10). Belgium has dropped from #20 to #24. The lowest scoring country is Austria (#40).

For a broader view, download the RECAI top 40 country ranking (pdf) on the EY website.

Image: Oleksii Sidorov/Shutterstock