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Bio360Week is coming in virtual format from the 22-26 March this year. It will include a broad programme of short international conferences with simultaneous translation and in parallel, business meetings between all the participants who wish to take full advantage of the opportunity to network together.

The conference focuses on one theme per day, broken down into four daily sessions of 1.5 hrs each, with generous spaces in between each one, in order to avoid screen fatigue.

Simultaneous translation french and english (both ways) is provided. In parallel to the conference there is also the possibility to dip in and out of pre-arranged, face to face online business meetings.


Monday 22nd March
Solid biomass; the pathway to decarbonation, carbon utilisation and carbon sequestration with biochar

Tuesday 23rd March
Low carbon transport; an overview of perspectives and developments in sustainable biofuels for the aviation, maritime and road-haulage sectors

Wednesday 24th March
Thermal approaches to green renewable gas; hydrothermal gasification, pyrogasification for direct injection, round table on low-carbon renewable green gas, green hydrogen in the pipeline

Thursday 25th March
Anaerobic digestion; local approval, The environmental benefits of AD, Control of production costs and income optimisation, Professionalisation of the sector

Friday 26th March
Bioeconomy; an overview of the bioeconomy, it’s pathways and sectoral applications highlighted with examples and case studies

Free of charge

Bio360 Week Virtual is open to all participants free of charge. The next full edition of Bio360 Expo will take place on 26-27 January 2022 in the Parc Expo in Nantes (France)

Image: Bio360Week