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More than 500 companies from the bioenergy value chain have called on the European Commission in an open letter to use bioenergy as part of the energy mix to end the energy dependence on Russian fossil fuels.
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Biomass is a readily available solution that contributes to energy security and to reducing the energy price crisis. Leading organisations such as the IPCC, IEA and IEA Bioenergy emphasise that biomass also plays an important role in achieving a net-zero economy by 2050. In stark contrast is the earlier REPowerEU proposal, presented in March, in which the European Commission completely ignores the role of sustainable bioenergy.

Lack of vision

“Market participants are shocked by the lack of vision that the European Commission shows with the presentation of the REPowerEU strategy”, said Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretary General of Bioenergy Europe. “Alongside Europe’s energy stability and security, the EU needs bioenergy to achieve its own long-term environmental and energy goals.”

CEOs and high-ranking representatives of the European bioenergy and biofuel value chain, including many SMEs and family-owned businesses, but also a major company like RWE, are urging EU leaders to reconsider their plan, stressing the current and future role of bioenergy for society: “The European bioenergy sector is a world leader in renewable technologies with more than 800,000 jobs and more than 50,000 companies along the value chain.”

Lower cost and emissions

The letter further highlights how “bioenergy is readily available and can be implemented quickly, often at low cost. For district heating, for example, the switch from fossil fuels to biomass and waste has resulted in lower costs and emissions in many countries. For residential and commercial buildings, heating with pellets, briquettes or wood chips offers a clean and efficient alternative to gas and oil.”

Read the full open letter on the website of Bioenergy Europe.

Image: galtiero boffi/Shutterstock