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Chemical company Nobian presented the ambitious Grow Greener Together sustainability programme simultaneously with its first sustainability report. The company with locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark wants to be completely CO2 neutral by 2040, with 100% renewable energy.
Editorial office / Amersfoort

Nobian (formerly Nouryon and before that Akzo-Nobel) is the European market leader in the production of salt, essential chemicals and energy for industry. Since 1990 it has already reduced its carbon footprint by 40%. Now, Nobian is going a step further, with the goal of becoming one of the most sustainable companies in Europe.

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing renewable energy, the sustainability goals include energy storage, green certification of products such as hydrogen, recycling, safety and activities with local communities. “This is not something we can do alone,” says Michael Koenig, CEO of Nobian. “That is why we want to grow greener together (Grow Greener Together) with our customers, environment and partners. We want to leverage our competencies in salt and electrochemistry to drive green growth in impactful markets, such as energy storage and hydrogen, to turn sustainability challenges into business success.”

Essential chemicals

Marco Waas, Vice President R&D, Technology and Sustainability, comments: “To achieve our goal of zero emissions by 2040, we have already reduced our emissions and energy consumption from our operations by 35.5%. We have a strong portfolio of projects and innovations to bring this down even further. Leveraging our more than 100 years of experience, we supply essential chemicals that society cannot do without and that are needed for the energy transition, such as insulation, different types of batteries, lightweight and base materials for the production of wind turbines and low-carbon concrete.”

Following the launch of new corporate values earlier this year – Care, Excellence, Ownership and Safety – the presentation of the Grow Greener Together programme is a further and important step for Nobian as an independent company. The sustainability goals are an integral part of Nobian’s sustainability-linked financing framework.

For more information, please visit Nobian’s website.