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Yara Sluiskil Zeeland

Yara Sluiskil first company in the world to export CO₂

Ammonia fertiliser producer Yara in Sluiskil (The Netherlands) plans to capture, liquefy and export 800kt of…

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Investment decision Porthos

Investment decision made for €1.3 billion Porthos CCS project in The Netherlands

Porthos has made the final investment decision. Construction of the first major CO2 transport and storage…

Editorial office / Rotterdam


Porthos gets green light from Dutch Council of State for CO2 storage

The first major CO2 transport and storage (CCS) project in the Netherlands can proceed, now that…

Editorial office / Rotterdam

Forest in Finland birdseye view

Planting trees for housing can save the world

According to German professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the solution to the climate problem does not need…

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Polestar 2 model 2024

‘Car industry not yet on track to meet climate targets’

Passenger cars currently account for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. According to the IPCC,…

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Finland aerial

Finnish project turns CO2 emissions into climate-friendly plastics

CO2 emissions are a cost for industry, but can also be used as a raw material…

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