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Emmo Meijer

Five years of Source B, too brief for an anniversary

“Five years is really far too brief for an anniversary. Especially for a transition that takes…

Emmo Meijer

Jules Harings

3D printing with PLA can become more precise and stronger

3D printing sounds like the perfect technology to produce complex objects as tailored single units; from…

Pierre Gielen

Bert van de Beld, Marc Schmitz, Johan ter Harmsel, Jan van Havenbergh and Emmo Meijer on the 5th Biorizon event

‘We need more Biorizons’

“We need more initiatives like Biorizon, if we want to meet our goals of reducing CO2…

Pierre Gielen

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

100% biobased textile not a matter of course

Wool, linen, cotton: the textile industry has traditionally used natural materials. And yet precisely this industry…

Pierre Gielen

Spider in a web

Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials

Imagine you could get tobacco plants to make elastin-like proteins with the properties of spider silk.…

Pierre Gielen

Schoolbord, boeken

Bio-based businesses want enterprising professionals

The future success of the bio-based industry depends on the availability of highly educated professionals, in…

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Hand in corn field

Nouryon launches sustainable agricultural dispersant

Nouryon has introduced Agrilan 1015, a multi-purpose, biodegradable dispersant that can replace less sustainable products in…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

Winnaars Nouryon Imagine Chemistry 2019

Nouryon announces 2019 Imagine Chemistry winners

Surfactants derived from plants, eco-friendly membranes, and miniature sensors were among the eight winning ideas in…

Editorial office / Deventer

Imagine Chemistry Challenge collaboration

Imagine Chemistry Challenge generates ideas from 30 countries

There has been another tremendous response to the Imagine Chemistry collaborative innovation challenge of Nouryon (formerly…

Editorial office / Deventer

Mock-up of screens showing website Chemport Europe

Chemport Europe launches new website

Chemport Europe has launched a new website this week. The site introduces a new style with…

Editorial office / Groningen

man in lab with erlenmeyer

Clariant and Neste join forces to develop renewable chemicals

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has signed an agreement for a new partnership with…

Editorial office / Muttenz


Giving the European bio-economy a boost at the Pitch Perfect event

Effective cross-border cooperation within the chains in the biobased economy is only possible if partners are…

Editorial office / Brussels


Chemspec Europe 2020

Kölnmesse, Köln

Stakeholder workshop RoadToBio

Factory Forty, Brussel

IBioIC’s annual conference

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