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Germany is to increase biogas production in the short term to reduce the demand for Russian natural gas. This has been announced by the German Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck.
Editorial office / Berlin

The expansion is part of a broader package of measures by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection to secure the gas supply in the coming winter. Current restrictions on the annual maximum production of biogas will be suspended.

Sandra Rostek, head of the Bioenergy Headquarters, sees the increase in biogas production as a positive sign: “Domestic and sustainable bioenergy can make a relevant contribution to covering the energy gap in electricity, heat and gas in the coming winter. In order to enable maximum efficiency, a relaxation of the law on renewable energy sources and of building and licensing laws is needed. This would make it possible in the short term to activate about 20 per cent more capacity in the current stock of biogas plants. This corresponds to a total of 19 billion kilowatt hours of gas and 7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity plus heat generation.”

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Image: Visions-AD/Shutterstock