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Europe should produce 35 billion cubic metres of biogas by 2030, a two-fold increase compared to 2015. This is shown in a confidential policy document of the European Commission. The Dutch magazine Boerderij (Farmers Weekly) was able to get hold of the concept paper on more affordable, safe and sustainable energy, reports TKI BBE.
Editorial office / Brussels

Biogas production can be increased especially in agriculture, according to the European Commission. This can make agriculture even greener. The production and storage of biogas reduces methane emissions. Storage can also reduce peaks in energy demand and thus make Europe less dependent on fossil natural gas.

The European Commission encourages member states to stimulate farmers to produce biogas through National Strategic Plans. In the Netherlands, biogas production in 2021 was 221 million cubic metres.

European Commissioner Frans Timmermans stressed this week during a conference on circular economy and sustainable production that Europe should take control of its own energy supply, given the developments in Russia and Ukraine and the latest reports on climate developments. Furthermore, the EU should become independent and autonomous when it comes to food supply and food security.

The confidential policy paper can be downloaded from the Boerderij website.

Image: Abinieks/Shutterstock