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Patents concept

Patents and trademarks boost success of European start-ups

Start-ups with patents and trademarks are more than 10 times more successful in obtaining funding, according…

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Hydrogen storage tanks

Netherlands global leader in hydrogen patents

Dutch companies are in the European top three applications for patents for green hydrogen technology. This…

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Claude Grison

European Inventor Award for metal-eating plants that make green chemistry

French researcher Claude Grison has developed a method of using plants to extract metal elements from…

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Digital platform shows SMEs added value of intellectual property

Five Dutch and Belgian organisations have launched a new digital platform on intellectual property rights today,…

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Plastic recycling worker

Netherlands leading the way in plastic recycling technology

Dutch companies and research institutes account for 11.5% of all international patents (IPFs) for plastic recycling…

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Avantium sells bioaromatics patents to TNO

Avantium has sold its bioaromatics patent portfolio to The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO.…

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