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Avantium has sold its bioaromatics patent portfolio to The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO. The sale includes both patents and know-how for technologies that produce bio-derived products for polymers and coatings.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

In the area of bioaromatics, Avantium and TNO have cooperated since 2013 in the Shared Research Center Biorizon in Bergen op Zoom. Avantium’s patents are complementary to those of TNO, in particular in the field of catalysis and product expansion. They will therefore be integrated into the Biorizon activities. It means an expansion of the number of bio-aromatics within the Biorizon portfolio. Moreover, this also enables the development of new production routes.

Zanna McFerson, Managing Director, Avantium Renewable Chemistries said: “Avantium will continue to support TNO in this area and can provide proprietary single flow testing equipment to accelerate TNO’s R&D efforts.” For Avantium, bioaromatics lie outside the strategic focus, which nowadays is on renewable technologies for the development of plant-based polyesters, such as PEF.