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After the successful demonstration of the technology at pilot scale, Relement is ready to launch its first product bio MPA on the market. To accelerate the introduction and adoption of this innovative solution, the Dutch start-up is actively seeking a partner to outsource the production process to.
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Outsourced production is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry, but can also be a winning strategy for chemical start-ups. In this way, the pitfalls of the standard chemical scale-up route can be avoided (namely: creating and developing an own pilot or demonstration facility, which requires significant capital investments).

Relement wants to combine its expertise with existing production facilities, by partnering with a company specialising in chemical production processes. This strategic decision will help accelerate the market introduction of bio MPA, while minimising capital investment and reducing the risks associated with scaling up operations.

To inspire chemical start-ups to consider alternative scaling-up routes, Relement has produced a whitepaper on this subject together with Dutch impact investor Invest-NL. It can be downloaded via the link below.

See Relement’s website for more information.

Image: Relement