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EuropaBio has announced the winners of the 10th Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards. Confo Therapeutics, Carbiolice and BioMassProtein have been awarded in the categories of healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, respectively.
Editorial office / Brussels

The three SME’s will each receive € 10,000 and a two-year free membership at EuropaBio.

  • Confo Therapeutics (Belgium) is building a portfolio of transformative medicines using its proprietary GPCR conformation-sensitive drug discovery engine.
  • Carbiolice (France) has developed an enzymatic concentrate for making 100% home compostable PLA bioplastics.
  • BiomassProtein (Danmark) is providing a technology for building and operating sustainable, turn-key plant proteins factories for both animal feed and human food applications, using grass as a feedstock.

Runner-up awards in this year’s competition were presented to Mogrify in the healthcare biotech category, to Ingelia in the industrial biotech category and Biome Makers in the agricultural biotech category. This year’s edition of the Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards saw more than 40 companies, from across the EU, competing for the three coveted awards.

Public recognition

“EU Biotech SMEs are on the leading edge of innovation, yet their achievements and capabilities often go unnoticed,” said Peter Heinrich, Chair of EuropaBio’s SME Platform. “It is important to offer a platform for public recognition to demonstrate their outstanding work and benefits to society, and to simultaneously recognize the importance of supportive European policy making for such companies to thrive’