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Nelo Emerencia

‘Make Biobased a permanent part of education in Europe’

26 / 06 / 2018

‘The Bio-Based Industries Consortium is working hard to set up a strong biobased industry in Europe.…


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ZAP: pivot between education, research and business 1

ZAP: pivot between education, research and business

True innovation in the chemical and bioprocessing technology sector is being created in a fertile environment,…

Pierre Gielen

GBO Final Conference

‘Cooperation is more than an online story’

If the result of three years of Borderless Biobased Education (BBE) had to be summed up…

Pierre Gielen

Source B to the next phase? 1

Source B to the next phase?

A period of reflection started in Limburg after the black gold disappeared from this southern province…

Pierre Gielen

Plant in petri dish

New training courses for professionals of the future

The bio-based economy needs well-trained professionals, researchers and scientists with a solid foundation. That’s why educational…

Pierre Gielen

Rop Zoetemeyer in front of audience

GBO digital platform a ‘lifeline’ to the future

The end of the Interreg project Borderless Biobased Education (GBO), is looming; this October it will…

Pierre Gielen

Schoolbord, boeken

Bio-based businesses want enterprising professionals

The future success of the bio-based industry depends on the availability of highly educated professionals, in…

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Man with VR goggles

New BBI JU projects aimed at accelerating biobased transition

By involving consumers and supporting entrepreneurs, 2 of the 22 new projects from the Call 2020…

Editorial office / Brussels

Biobased economy deserves attention throughout school career

Biobased economy deserves attention throughout school career

'Training employees of the future starts in primary school. Terms such as sustainability, renewability and biobased…

Editorial office / Brussels

Woman with laptop

BioCannDo organizes webinar about gaps in biobased education

Professional educators, entrepreneurs and government officials can exchange their thoughts and experiences on biobased education in…

Editorial office / Breda

Biobased economy deserves attention throughout school career

Biobased industries need more highly educated employees

In the coming years, the business community in Flanders and the Netherlands will require at least…

Editorial office / Breda

master bbe materials

Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive

The first class of the Master of Biobased Materials graduated in mid-July. At the festive ceremony…

Editorial office / Netherlands

Green-Chem launched in Ghent

Green-Chem launched in Ghent

At the beginning of this month Ghent University launched the GREEN-CHEM network. The network is founded because…

Editorial office / Gent