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The HAN BioCentre from Nijmegen is going to establish a biobased lab in the new Connectr building in Arnhem, which will be realised next year.
Editorial office / Arnhem

With this so-called hybrid learning environment, the centre of expertise in the field of applied life sciences and chemistry wants to strengthen its ties with the business community and make it possible for students to carry out research projects in the biobased field outside the school environment.

Valuable addition

Recently, the HAN BioCentre, in which the research groups Biodiscovery and Drug discovery work together, took three new laboratories into use at its headquarters in Nijmegen. Drug discovery also opened a decentralised laboratory at the Pivot Park in Oss, the so-called ‘Life sciences campus for pharmaceutical innovation’.

The centre of expertise wants to realise a similar lab in Arnhem, where Connectr will be built next year on the sustainable Industry Park Kleefsche Waard (IPKW).This complex will include a research lab and shared facilities for demonstrating innovations in the field of energy transition. According to Richèle Wind, associate lecturer Biobased Economy and coordinator of the HAN BioCentre, a biobased lab can be a valuable addition to this project. “From a biobased perspective however, we are also bringing in a bit of the raw materials transition. We hope this will generate synergy.”

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