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HAN BioCentre, the centre of expertise in the field of applied life sciences and chemistry of the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen in the Netherlands, has signed a partnership agreement with Agro&Chemistry.
Editorial office / Nijmegen

In 15 years time, HAN BioCentre has grown from a modest fermentation lab into a spacious and professionally organised centre of expertise, in which three research groups cooperate: Bio Discovery, Drug Discovery and Bio Informatics. The research can be as diverse as testing the effect of new medicines and extracting ingredients from plants to developing new biobased materials.

To demonstrate this versatility, HAN BioCentre is organising a symposium on 21 June with keynotes by Jan Wery (Chief Technology Officer of Photanol) on microbial biotechnology and Renger Witkamp, Professor of Nutrition and Pharmacology at Wageningen University, on the future of natural substances with positive health effects. There will also be parallel sessions on fungi and mushrooms (‘Fantastic Funghi’), plant-based ingredients (‘Fabulous Phytochemicals’) and the role of data science in innovations (‘Innovation driven by sequence data’).

Check the agenda for more information.

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