BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts 1

BioVoice: 13 new innovation contracts

Thirteen new contracts and a total of almost € 125,000 in innovation vouchers for researching, developing…

Pierre Gielen

Plant in petri dish

New value chains through interaction between entrepreneurs and scientists

The Bio Treat Center in Venlo and the Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials will work…

Pierre Gielen

Bio-based businesses want enterprising professionals 1

Bio-based businesses want enterprising professionals

The future success of the bio-based industry depends on the availability of highly educated professionals, in…

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Businessman with green heart

Knowledge of corporate board members falls short on sustainability

More than two-thirds of board members believe sustainability has little impact on their company's financial performance.…

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Girl wraps pallet in shrinkwrap

How to load pallets stably without using wrapping film

Plastic wrapping film is widely used by logistics companies to secure cargo on pallets for storage…

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HAN BioCentre fermentatielab

HAN BioCentre to build biobased lab in Arnhem

The HAN BioCentre from Nijmegen is going to establish a biobased lab in the new Connectr…

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Biodesign leaf

The next step in your sustainability journey

TOSCA consultancy and Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) are organising a webinar on 15 June 2021…

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Lightbulb, money, plant

BioBase4SME project prolonged for 6 months

The BioBase4SME project, an INTERREG NWE project, has been extended for 6 months to give even…

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Step into the world of elephant grass

Step into the world of elephant grass

"Change the script. Join the vibe." The invitation could not be more clear. Use vibers ™…

Harm Ikink / Netherlands