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The European Bioeconomy University (EBU) Scientific Forum 2021 is set to take place on-line on the 22nd and 23rd of September, 2021. It provides a platform for presenting EBU research, fostering networking and intensifying collaborations between scientists from the EBU alliance and selected partners of the EBU network.

The topics of the event are:

  • Sustainable biobased resources and ecosystem services for the bioeconomy
  • From biomass to biobased products
  • Bioeconomy-related business models and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • The integrative systems approach for the innovative bioeconomy
  • Educate system changers: novel educational concepts and required skills profiles


The mission of EBU is the empowerment of the European knowledge-based bioeconomy. It will be driven by necessity and accomplished by intellectual leadership. The European Bioeconomy University will work visibly and effectively to empower the European knowledge-based bioeconomy and accelerate this transition by

  • educating a new generation of truly European experts: Our education and training will exploit the full potential of the future bioeconomy by attracting the best talents and training them as the best suited experts to meet the sector’s needs.
  • fostering rigorous, relevant and responsible research: Excellence in multi- and trans-disciplinary research and innovation form the cornerstone of the European Bioeconomy University. This allows for rigorous, relevant and responsible research.
  • transferring knowledge into society and the economy: The successful transfer of knowledge into the social and economic systems through technological and social innovations will provide evidence of the transformation towards a knowledge-based bioeconomy

Partners of EBU are: AgroParisTech (France), Universita di Bologna (Italy), University of Eastern Finland, University of Hohenheim (Germany), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Austria) and Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands).

The first day of the forum will be publicly accesible, the second day is an internal event.

Image: Schaiith/Shutterstock