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The third World BioEconomy Forum (WCBEF) will be held in Ruka, northern Finland September 9-11, 2020.

The event will gather stakeholders from the global circular bioeconomy to set an agenda for coordinated action on climate change. It combines views of enterprises, institutes and regulators related to the circular bioeconomy.

Already over 20 high-level speakers have now been confirmed. For example Petter Taalas, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization. “If no progress is made, there is a risk for 3-5°C global warming by the end of this century”, he says. “And if all the fossil fuels will be burned, our planet will warm by 8°C by the end of the next century.”

Another keynote speaker, Mette Wilkie, Director, Forestry Policy and Resources Division, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), United Nations, will introduce the global forest inventory report FRA2020, which will be published next summer.

The WCBEF recognises that the circular bioeconomy is a vital tool to mitigate climate change as providing alternatives for fossil-based products. An example of this is lignin. The bio-based value chains for consumers are discussed. Also, Michael Carus of the nova-Institut discusses the latest developments in the field of biobased products.

In light of the COVID19 pandemic, this will be a virtual conference. 

Image: Oleg Bakhirev/Shutterstock